Ricardo Sleiman, Eroticism, Cave Art and Strange Nudes

I met up with contemporary artist Ricardo Sleiman recently, albeit virtually as we remain in semi lockdown.

I was curious to see what fellow contemporary artists are up to.

There are some shadows in Ricardo's work of the kaleidoscopic eroticism that happens when you start to digitally manipulate body parts. I have played with such techniques myself in some of my films so I was immediately curious about his work. I have also used such techniques on my clothes designs to make erotic patterns. But here our shared similarities end because Sleiman's narrative and aesthetic are not about repeated patterns on textiles. More so, the artist seeks to create an awkward marrying of and body parts and shapes that jar expectation and create physical and aesthetic absurdities that might be laughed at or even, heaven forbid, shock the viewer.

I also saw echoes of the now-familiar angst emotions and twisted forms often seen in the work of Francis Bacon. Despite the fact that Sleiman is most definitely a contemporary artist, many of his works have a primitive cave artist's naivety about them. Animal masks, headless torsos, and simple weaponry make these strange compositions look primitive or alien. But the sleek photography and digital production, sleek books and polished exhibitions reveal a sophisticated and contemporary sense of what today's artists do when they have access to a range of production technologies.

If you pop over to Ricardo's website, listed below, you can look at his portfolio in more detail.

Website and social links:

Black Flute for piano by Sarnia de la Maré

Black Flute is a teaching composition in E flat minor by contemporary composer Sarnia de la Maré.
You can follow the lessons for free on the site and on her YouTube channel.

The Countess of Brighton and Hackney Radio

 For a daily light-hearted look at life, pop along to the Countess of Brighton and Hackney podcasts.

The Countess of Brighton and Hackney is the subject of a series of short stories by Sarnia de la Maré at the Domoinartist project.

All is kept light and tongue in cheek but one never knows what is really true. Blurred lines are best left that way.

The Countess of Brighton and Hackney in her new hat

Sarnia in character as HRH the Countess of Brighton and Hacknety for Tale Teller Pictures

Tale Teller Club, modern music lessons for a post Covid world

 The Tale Teller Club provides online podcasts for individual practice sessions with me as a practice buddy. The project, funded by the Future's Venture Foundation, aims to create a platform for making music fun and achieving calm and equilibrium rather than stress, through a comeradeship style learning experience.

Members share musical journeys under a democratic umbrella, fusing all genres, all experiences, and all languages.

Sarnia de la Maré founded the Tale Teller Club to engage musicians in modern technology

These are the current podcasts that have gone live so far and we work each day on new ones.

Beautiful Dreamer (complete)

Bach Minuet form Suzuki Book One 

Ave Maria (complete)

Flight of the Bumblebee (in progress)

Pink Panther (in progress)

Here is the audio podcast channel. Lots of great updates and chats about what we are doing.

Sign up HERE
Book Lessons HERE
Get the radio app HERE
Buy Merchandise HERE

For Sale, Camac Electric Harp

 It feels utterly wonderful to see the world opening up today.

I went to an outdoor bench to meet up with family and grab a take-away coffee. There were real live people coming and going and we said hello to villagers.

The sun was even shining albeit accompanied by a serious nop in the air.

My friend, Jade has created a wonderful website and will be renting designer clothes to clients as a way of extending the life and usefulness of clothes and saving the planet from the ravages of fashion production along the way.

You can sign up here ready for the release of the app in a couple of months. We are all very excited.


In other news I have launched more dress ranges at the Dominartist Project and am also launch a gallery of vintage artworks that have been remastered and framed for contemporary interiors.

You can sign up to the bog here and also see what else is for sale in the gallery.


I am selling my harp as I am desperate for a new cello.

I did a podcast review here.   


A revamp of the recording studio and a new cello means Sarnia de la Maré id selling the studio harp
Camac Electric Harp for sale £4,500

Sarnia de la Maré launches the incredible 100% eco recycled bikini as part of the Dominartist™ Project

New design is live and I love it!

I am thrilled to launch my new high waisted 100% eco bikini over at the Dominartist™ Project.

I made the design high waisted which is a total Goddess send and I gave it a super repeat pattern logo lining which screams CHIC!!!!
Available NOW https://www.dominartist.co.uk/product-page/totally-eco-swimwear-by-the-dominartist-project

Purchase here

Selfies in Full Swing, Sarnia de la Maré takes a cello break for selfies in hats

 I am trying to prepare for the open doors after lockdown. As a fashionista, I need to make an effort, but I have been in pyjamas for a year!

I started with hats, figuring that I will make my way downwards before the end of lockdown.

Me in the recording studio

Working the hat

Practice time

Check out the rainbow make up

The de la Maré School of Music, music lessons with Sarnia de la Maré

Music with Sarnia de la Maré, a different style of learning

I am taking distance learning appointments for students of piano, cello and beginners harp.

I am still undertaking my teacher training and am applying to study for a Ph.D. so the lessons are very reasonable at £10 for half an hour.

I may ask you some feedback questions afterwards to support my studies.

The program I teach is a holistic one that is directing therapies for wellbeing and a holistic approach. The musicianship I teach is all about the student and the student's happiness. 

This works really well for people with anxieties or who have experienced trauma in their lives.

You will need Skype or Zoom and preferably an ethernet cable as wifi can be a bit hit and miss.

Please go to my website contact pages and have a look around and send me a message to book or use the online booking pages.

Sarnia de la Maré music teacher




Being an involuntary teetotal through lockdown has drawn me to wine auctions

 I love booze, always have and always will. I love gin in the afternoons and cocktail parties. I love private views in Cork Street and Soho with free champers.

Sarnia de la Maré as wine connoisseur in lockdown

But I never drink alone.

I heard once that drinking alone is the first sign of an alcoholic. I have no idea how true that is, but for me, I am annoying to myself, and once I drink I lose complete interest in anything I have to say.

People make the party darlings.

And so, whilst the alcoholism went up 16% , I went the other way. Let's think about that...out of the 150 people you know, 24 of them became alcohol-dependent in lockdown. Fortunately I have gone backwards and become a puritan, a teetotal, a born again health freak. I am clean, chaste, dull as f**king dishwater darlings.

So Imagine my glee then when this arrived through my electronic letter box.

If you pop along to Easy Live you can register for worldwide auctions of all descriptions. But the boozy one excites me most as I have already spent a fortune on imported Japanese block prints and vintage Mary Quant and Biba.

Hic, darlings, hic x

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Ricardo Sleiman, Eroticism, Cave Art and Strange Nudes

I met up with contemporary artist Ricardo Sleiman recently, albeit virtually as we remain in semi lockdown. I was curious to see what fello...